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Hilary at the MTV Music Awards (2003):

Hilary on the red carpet at the American Music Awards:

Hilary at the 2003 American Music Awards singing "Girl Can Rock":

Here are some things I got from the Japanese official Hilary site:

Here are some pics from the Buena Vista Records site from the Virgin Records Megastore:

Hilary with Chad Michael Murray:

I thought this was kinda' cool:

Hilary on/in POPSTAR!! I will NOT be posting this picture or news in the zine, so all of you have an advantage here. If you go out and buy this issue of POPSTAR, there's a contest inside where you could win a chance to MEET Hilary. Here's the cover so you know what you are looking for:

Hilary has an Italian charm to go on the cool Italian charm bracelets! Well, actually, "Lizzie" does! Take a look:

Here are some Hilary graphics that I got from Jackae (thanks girl!):

Here are some Hil graphics that I made (please credit me if you use them on a website or in a zine, thanks!):

Here are some Hilary Duff icons that I've gotten from people:
Credit: Jackae

Credit: Rubber Ducky